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Astro Skate has a great reputation for many reasons, including our skating sessions, the fun and value associated with our skating rinks and also for our DJs. All of our skating sessions are hosted by world class DJs providing the energy, excitement and skill set to bring even the meekest of skaters to the tips of their skates.

DJ Skill Sets

It takes a little more than a pair of headphones and a laptop to provide ample entertainment on this level. Our DJs HOST our events, not simply play music at our sessions. Our DJs interact with our customers constantly and professionally. Whether it's calling the next skating event or race, or getting the skaters involved. A personable approach is pinnacle to the success of any any DJ, regardless of the music format played. But of course, it helps to be able to spin and mix the best tunes and provide a memorable experience for the audience. And our DJs deliver!


3000 Watts of Power

Our DJs have up to 3000 watts of power to fill our skating rinks with the hottest and latest music. Or maybe some of our themed party music like the throwback to the 80s events we host. We have some of the best sound systems in the area  delivering a thumping bass line discernible highs and mids that deliver clear melodies. The Cerwin-Vega bass bins are placed strategically throughout our skating rinks to help deliver a monstrous musical atmosphere. yet we can also dial it back to play the most subtle musical arrangements, all with the clarity of a symphony hall. Come out and have a listen for yourself!

Our DJs Are For Hire! 

Are you in need of a DJ for your company party, family celebration, or any other special event? Look no further, our Astro Skate DJs will make your event even more memorable. Our friendly and talented DJs know how to get the crowd moving. We have a wide selection of music from Top 40 Hits, Oldies, Adult Contemporary, Christian, Country, and more that will be appropriate for your event. Give us a call at 727-938-5778 to book our DJs for your event.

Our DJs provide:

  • DJ
  • Sound System
  • Bubble Machine
  • Smoke Machine
  • Prizes
  • More...

Contact us today and let us know how our DJs can help make your next event a memorable one!



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