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Huge Astro Skate Jam Club Meetup!

Astro Skate hosted their Jam Skate Club for a pool party, BBQ, and of course, Jam Skating!

 Last Saturday, Jam Skaters were invited to Tarpon Springs for a pool party, BBQ and of course, Jam Skating! There were over 75 jam skaters in attendance, making it a fun night for all involved! We have many more trips planned to all of our rinks, and other fun and exciting trips like to Volcano Bay in Orlando!

Jam Skate is on Saturday Nights from 8:30pm - 10:30pm! Check with your rink for more information! 

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Astro Skate

Astro Skate

Join us for a #StardustRollerRink Reunion Skate THIS SATURDAY at our #Bradenton Rink!

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Astro Skate

Astro Skate

#JamSkate Lessons start this week!

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